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If a background check was run on you, here’s what would be in it

You’ve probably wondered at some point: If someone ran a background check on me, what would be in it?

The sheer amount of data in these reports is staggering: Many of them are a hundred pages or more.

You can believe me when I say you would be shocked at what’s actually in these reports, as I’m a private investigator whose agency performs hundreds of these background checks and asset searches every year.

The two most popular reports (that most people have no idea even exist) are (1) a personal profile and (2) a U.S. Comprehensive Report.

Your personal profile

The personal profile provides all the names the subject has used over the past 20 years. We verify a date of birth and social security number but also any others they may have used for deceptive purposes. We will provide a list of relatives affiliated with the subject. We also have email addresses and phone numbers. The profile will verify the most current address of record and also all the addresses for the subject during the past 20 years.

Your U.S. Comprehensive Report

The U.S. Comprehensive Report provides:

1.) All statewide real property

2.) The U.S. Consumer Public Filing Index which included bankruptcies, notice of defaults, judgments, tax liens and problems with the Internal Revenue Service

3.) Corporate and Limited Partnership Information

4.) Uniform Commercial Code Information for debtor and secured party information

5.) Civil (plaintiff and defendant) and Criminal (felonies and misdemeanors) in the counties and states available

6.) Fictitious Business Name Index

7.) Professional Licensing

8.) Names and addresses of neighbors and businesses.

Who has access to your data?

There are numerous private investigators, financial advisors and information brokers who are licensed and have access to these reports. Many private investigative agencies (like ours) have additional information that they have gathered from cities, counties and states through the U.S. We use our own in-house, proprietary data sources.

Who typically requests these reports?

Individuals, corporations, insurance companies, and attorneys.

We do backgrounds on potential spouses, those seeking employment, financial advisors and potential business partners. The smart clients do these searches before getting married, hiring someone, investing their money or agreeing to a business venture with another person or firm.

How much do these reports cost?

The cost to access all this data is between $250 – $950.

Depending on our workload, most reports are completed within a few days. The criteria to search is a person’s name and, if common, we need either a date of birth, social security number or last known address within 10 years.

The reports are easy to read and navigate with our table of contents including summary and detail listings.

You can always call White Hat Solutions at 206.717.4464 or email us to discuss your options and how these items may be of help in your life. Many clients are just curious to see what is in their reports or those that they might be engaging with in the course of their lives.

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