7 Business Security Basics to Follow

Whether you own small business or run a large corporation, the security of your premises and employees is of the highest concern. From shoplifting to vandalism, employee theft to workplace violence, potential threats should be addressed proactively to protect your bottom line and the health and safety of your personnel.

Risk Solutions Unlimited provides custom-designed, expertly-implemented commercial threat assessments to companies and commercial enterprises throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here we discuss seven ways you can make your business safer.

Be Alert and Aware.

Business owners should be aware of crime happening in the surrounding neighborhood. Opening and closing hours are the most common targets for thieves, so the most trustworthy employees should be on duty and vigilant at those times. Train your staff members on common distraction strategies used by shoplifters.

Provide Ample Outside Lighting.

Bright lighting around the perimeter of the building, in the parking lots, and at all doors is vital to keep your employees and property safe. Burglars often target businesses located in areas tucked away from the street, cloaked in darkness. Highly visible lighting can be a deterrent in itself.

Secure Your Entry Points.

For the utmost in security, install high-security, commercial-grade dead bolts on all entrances. Products that meet the American National Standards Institute requirements can withstand 10 sledgehammer blows without giving way. An alarmed security system can scare away intruders before theft occurs and alert law enforcement that a break-in attempt is underway. Security cameras go one step further by providing you with remote surveillance on the property from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. They can sense movement, capture footage in the dark, take photos of license plates, and store footage that aids law enforcement with their investigations. Monitoring systems can be temporary, permanent, or mobile.

Give Access Codes to Those Who Need to Know.

Keys can be lost, damaged, or duplicated, which is why many business owners have switched to keyless access. Be sure access is only granted to trustworthy individuals. Limit computer access similarly. Disallow access to external websites and networks to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats. Set aside one computer for financial records — and keep it under camera surveillance to ensure no one else is accessing sensitive information.

Have Emergency Plans in Place.

Create a business security policy and emergency plan. Assign responsibility to individuals for the locking and unlocking of doors, as well as granting visitor access. Have procedures in place to alert supervisors of broken doors and lost security cards. Have shelter-in-place and evacuation drills prepared to deal with fires, theft, and violent intruders. Be sure everyone is familiar with emergency contact information.

Conduct Security Audits.

Security audits are an ideal way to get a thorough picture of the unique threats your business faces and the security weaknesses that exist. Carrying out routine assessments is a good strategy to shield you from liability and continue to protect your assets, even as security threats evolve.

Hire A Security Company.

Business owners are invited to contact Risk Solutions Unlimited for a complimentary security audit and estimate. You might be surprised to learn how affordable a custom security threat assessment can be. Our experienced professionals, with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement, can provide commercial security camera systems to meet your needs and budget anywhere in the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California.


Article provided here by Risk Solutions Unlimited
Article based on those of Maryland Security